How God Made the Universe to Be a Giant Temple

It’s public knowledge that the reputation of church-goers isn’t good, and many of the reasons for this are, unfortunately, due to how church-goers treat people. Consider this story, which is based on true events. Tom grew up in the church, worked a normal job, and had a family. He prayed, read the Bible, went to Sunday school, and always tried […]

Should Christians Read or Reject Biblical Scholarship?

All types of learning can be called scholarship in a generic way, but scholarship can also refer to a more formally trained pursuit of research, and the distance between them can vary greatly. This is the scholarship that is in mind here. This scholarship is traditionally distrusted by too many church-goers and Christian leaders today, even Biblical scholarship. Oh yes, […]

When the Bible is Read as a Story

What if we read Shakespeare’s, Romeo and Juliet, the way Western Christians tend to read the Bible? Instead of going through the paragraphs and chapters in the order designed by Shakespeare, we cut his book up, rearrange it, and put it back together. Then read it. Instead of seeing it as a unified story, we see it as a collection […]

Quantum Physics and the Heavenly Dimension?

Have you ever had a supernatural encounter? Seen a ghost, spirit, angel, demon, or some other unexplained episode? Many have. In one study 60% said they did. A similar study said 18% claimed this. Masses in every nation and century have said the same thing. Including me. Here’s my story. It was just another day in Las Vegas, Nevada. I […]

Knowing We Can Trust the Bible: an Example of Textual Criticism

Science can’t be trusted. Nor can scholarship. Research can’t prove anything. Nor can statistics. These kinds of claims, spoken out loud or silently assumed, are stubbornly stained on the minds of many churchgoers. Too many. Since the aftermath of Darwin’s theory launched conflicts in the 1900s, like Scope’s Monkey Trial, the church has had two general responses. The first response, […]